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This video features the McLaren 720S (861HP) participated in this years SCC500's event 'Rolling50 Deutsche Meisterschaft' on Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany. This event is all about dragracing. 1000m, a rolling start at 50km/h and insane cars!The 720S did some drag races against other supercars, like the Bugatti Chiron and the Porsche 911 Turbo and a Volkswagen Golf 4 GTI fitted with a huge turbo. Off course, all the races were won by the Chiron. Best Vmax after 1000 meters (rolling start of 50 km/h): 1500HP Bugatti Chiron: 328,50 km/h.861HP McLaren 720S: 296,23 km/h750HP VW Golf 4 1.8 T: 314,5 km/h968HP Porsche 9ff 911 Turbo: 296,39 km/hLiked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and subscribe!Follow me:Subscribe: #Chiron #McLaren #720s

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