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I have recorded a beautiful yellow TVR Sagaris during a trackday on circuit Zolder.In this video you can see the Sagaris in action on the track. The sound from the speed six engine is so amazing good and I think this is the best looking car TVR has ever made. What's your favorite TVR? Let me know by leaving a comment behind!TVR Sagaris performance:- Engine: TVR 4.0L Speed Six engine, Straight-6- Power Output: 380 bhp (283 kW; 385 PS) @ 7,000-7,500 rpm- Torque Output: 349 lbft (473 Nm) @ 5,000 rpm- Top speed: 185 mph (298 km/h)- 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h). 3.7 secondsFollow me:1st Channel: Channel: Channel: you for watching my videos. All feedback on my videos are appreciated! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. More videos coming up!- Hans

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